I’m Melisa yuniarti, student of SMANSS. Now, I’m X.3 class( the heirs) and will  next to eleven great. I couldn’t imagine when I was accepted here, “a dream become true!”. For the first time I learnt, the environment its so different with in junior high school, now I’m in new atmosphere at dormitory. Initially, we feel homesick because we may not related with our parents during three months, but when inauguration new students 7th intake its surprise, we gave a rose as gratitude to all  parents, and I really thanksfulness to god, that has given the best place to me.  After three months we free to going out every Sunday, and I pleased to find time for home.                        SMANSS is different with another school, the distinction make us excellence. Here we are like a big family that have a goal to achive a dream in the future, although we come from various district and  prasejahtera economy but we united in harmony . We are divided into nine house it is; dolphin, dove, eagle, hornbill,komodo, lion, manta ray,rhino and shark. Alhamdulillah I’m eagle house, we are like family that has brothers and sisters who always give attention and  take care for us, we’re together to united in leadership camp, a beautiful journey. Every day we must speak English to improve it.A great deal of learnt that I get , especially in dormitory, we always pray together, reciting Al-quran , and sharing islamic knowledge. We must able to manage our time, because many of activities beside study, it make me can change my personality. When in junior high school , memorising is the way my study and the result a little bit knowledge I get, but I can change it here. I try to understanding not memorising anymore. The most important thing in my mind that I can’t get in the home and another school is Islamic knowledge, i’m realise when the first time I study in the class when religion lesson exactly. Our teacher give test about write Arabic and meaning of masya Allah, etc, after that we called one by one to recite Al-quran, and asked about tajwid. When my name is called , I entered and recite it, then my teacher ask, is there any law of tajwid that you know? Really, I don’t too understand about it, and when teacher ask about meaning of Arabic like astaghfirullahal adzim, but I don’t know. My teacher said” what for we know Arabic but don’t know the meaning, we cant to understand . from that its really give me learning that I’m stupid if I don’t know  knowledge about my religion, islam. Then I’m attractive to learn it, and can make tranquietly in my life and my sister especially who always give advice and motivate for me, thus can make me change.What a big merciful of Allah that had decided me to enter this school.I expect for reader, to take learning from this experience, i just want to encourage you. hopefully Allah will give us blessing and guidance .* amin ya Rab..